3D Printed Prototypes

You want a 3D Printed Prototype in WillowFlex but…

  • Don’t have your own 3D printer?
  • Aren’t confident about printing with a new material?
  • Don’t have the time to waste creating 3D printed prototypes on your own?
  • Want to test your product with 3D printing before moving to injection molding?

3D Printed Prototypes, On-Demand

Our team understands how to 3D print accurately and quickly with WillowFlex. We can produce the 3D printed prototypes you want, when you need them. After providing us with a file (ideally as .stl) we will provide a quotation for printing the 3D printed prototype for your approval. After that, the 3D printer will be fired up with your prototypes within one or two days.

3D printers at the 3dk lab in Berlin

For complex or larger volumes of WillowFlex prints, we work with 3dk-lab.berlin to produce print high-quality, small series parts made of WillowFlex. 3dk has 10 years of experience in 3D printing, and 30 years experience with plastic material development and industrial production. You will have 3D printed prototypes produced with high integrity results.

It has never been easier to develop new products in WillowFlex.

Submit Your Request for a 3D Printed Prototype

If you want more than one color, please note it in the description.