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Image od WillowFlex BioFoam Shoes

The Smart Biodegradable Footwear that Won The Dyson Sustainability Award

From most directions in society, there is a rising desire and need to close the production loop and create circular waste streams. One WillowFlex customer, Rik Olthuis, took on that challenge and created the Voronoi Runners which later won the New Zealand James Dyson Award. The sustainability award recognizes engineering and inventions that address a […]

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3d printed shoe soles that return to nature

The Zeitgeist has arrived: 3D Printed Shoe Soles One of the spaces where 3D printing has the most potential for immediate impact is in footwear. In the past year we have seen various announcements about 3D printed shoe soles and inlays including Kickstarter campaigns, and major players like Nike and Adidas. 3D Printing has hit […]

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