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Press Releases for WillowFlex.

WillowFlex Turns Focus on 
Industrial Applications

In 2015, Kickstarter backers brought WillowFlex into its initial production run. As we begin 2019, it is clear that additive manufacturing is moving into serial production and materials need to focus on becoming reliable with consistent quality and unique material properties. WillowFlex has spun-off as an independent company from BioInspiration to focus specifically on industry-ready […]

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3d printing shoe soles that return to nature

The Zeitgeist has arrived: 3D Printed Footwear One of the spaces where 3D printing has the most potential for immediate impact is in footwear. In the past year we have seen various announcements about 3D printing of shoes including Kickstarter campaigns, and major players like Nike and Adidas. 3D Printing has obviously hit a tipping […]

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The Creation of WillowFlex: Flexible 3D Printer filament from Compostable Raw Materials

The Creation of WillowFlex Flexible 3D Printer filament from Compostable Raw Materials Press Release (originally released under name BioInspiration GbR)23-Jul-15 The Creation Story BioInspiration (Eberswalde, Greater-Berlin, Germany) prides itself on identifying materials that follow nature’s lead -compostable, upcyclable, harmless, innovative, resilient. In particular they look for opportunitiesto expand the material options for Makers and for […]

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