The Organic Material Evolution starts in Brandenburg/Berlin

WillowFlex for 3DPrinting

Imagine instead of going to a retail store or an online shop for a flexible plastic product, you just print it for yourself. For a lower price and it is compostable when it is no longer needed. What can it replace? Almost anything that you use in your daily life from flexible plastic can be traded for a WillowFlex substitute. As they say, “the sky is the limit.” WillowFlex. Flexible, Heat & Cold Resistant, Resilient, Made from Compostable Raw Materials.

Regional Partnership

WillowFlex is a Flexible 3D printer filament made from compostable raw materials. It is the first product from BioInspiration (Eberswalde, Brandenburg) and is produced locally by (Berlin).

BioInspiration identified the market and raw material for WillowFlex. offered close proximity, 30 years plastics experience and in-house testing lab which made them the natural partner for developing this new material. This Innovation from Brandenburg finds both a production hub and key market in Berlin.

Nature, She’s an Innovator!“

We see over and over that nature has a way of surprising us.When we began experimenting with WillowFlex, we found that as a bioplastic, it had several advantages inherent to the material. Besides the compostability, it is also more heat & cold resistant then standard plastic alternatives.

Brian Crotty,CEO, BioInspiration

Nature-based materials interact differently with the world then man-made counterparts. BioInspiration wants to value these gifts from nature and integrate these innate advantages rather then trying to “reinvent the wheel”. Nature has a 3.8 Million Year head start, let’s learn rather then teach

How Can I Join the Organic Material Evolution?

WillowFlexis currently available as part of a Kickstarter Campaign to give Makers and decentralized producers the first shot at accessing this innovative material. At the conclusion, WillowFlex will move into full production and into the hands of Makers and producers around the world.

Don’t have your own 3D Printer. Find a 3D Print Hub near you:

Willow Flex. Resilient when you need it. Compostable when you’re done.

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