3D Printing Filament

WillowFlex 3D Printing Filament is the world’s only flexible filament made from compostable raw materials.

This bioplastic is a unique mixture of quality and performance. The 3D printing filament also has unique material properties like higher resistance to heat and cold. The material has a strong layer adhesion, even to other bioplastics like PLA and doesn’t require a heated bed. It can also print at speeds between 60-80mm per second, matching other filaments in its class.

3D Printing Filament Properties

  • Consistent Quality, Produced in Berlin, Germany
  • Made from Compostable Raw Materials
  • Printable at 175-185°C and 60-80mm/s.
  • Heat Resistant to 105°C
  • Cold Resistant to -15°C
  • Strong Layer Adhesion (including to PLA)
  • No heated bed required

Technical Datasheet

The material datasheet or the material safety datasheet for WillowFlex 3D printing filament are available here.